About The Buzzard

The Buzzard is the first geoblogging platform for political blogs worldwide. We strive to bring political bloggers together and make you see how their opinions evolve – across time and space.

It all started in the summer of 2014: Felix and Dario were inspired by the idea to display political opinions using the power of maps. They figured that mapping could provide an overview over the opinions of bloggers, activists and independent thinkers in different countries and at the same time enable us to zoom in – and hear local stories on the ground. This is how The Buzzard was created. In summer 2015, we finished programming our ideotype that tests the fundamental mechanism of political bloggers being able to upload and share their blog entries on our interactive online maps according to topics. It is fascinating to see that our project has been continually growing. We are a small team and The Buzzard is currently self-funded. Our effort to build this platform is motivated by our misssion:

We want to enable people to get a more complete picture of the political debates that are all around us. And we believe in today’s world, where there is fewer and fewer successfull established news outlets remaining, it is indispensable to also hear the critical alternative voices of political bloggers, activists and independent thinkers. These are the people we want to make heard, and we want to enable you to find their opinions more easily and compare them across time and space to other opinions and news elsewhere.This is why we created The Buzzard – the first geoblogging network for political blogs worldwide.

Right now, we finished our ideotype and work on our first official version coming up as soon as possible.